Colonisation on Titan

Titan the moon of Saturn has bulk of methane and other organic reserves. Is it possible to create a possibility of life over titan in coming times. Life on earth is going to an extinction level in coming so what to say about titan??? It is the only moon to have dense atmosphere and the […]

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BURDENS -a hypothetical load

Sometimes its like a blur., Oh it’s about my career….πŸ˜‡ Want to be the best, But prefer always to be at rest… Words ND words dat every time I listen Wat all think that I am insane. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Don’t know how to do nd what to be , But still dats the real me… Time […]

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Bina bat ke hi ruthne ki aadat h Kisi apne ka sath pane ki chahat hai Aap khush rhe mera Kya hai Hum to aayena hai hume to tutne ki adat h 😊😊

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Originality is somewhat good

I have been judged by lots of people over my actions nd reactions. Few positive but a lots of negative thoughts are being reflected by my friends about me. What I loves the most is I m supposed to be a ridiculous person by all except my father 😊😊 and that the thing that brings […]

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Raining night

Sounds of rain over pale of dark silence makes me cheer 😊 Dats y it’s 4 ND m still saying no need to fear…. Falling drops of water sing it’s song Dats why I want this night to last a bit long… 😊 A word to those barking dogs Shut up guys it’s cold ND […]

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