Originality is somewhat good

I have been judged by lots of people over my actions nd reactions. Few positive but a lots of negative thoughts are being reflected by my friends about me. What I loves the most is I m supposed to be a ridiculous person by all except my father 😊😊 and that the thing that brings confidence in me. My father’s faith over me have shown the real face of preexisting world. I started experimenting with myself when it comes to classroom I prefer to be the most talkative one with teachers out there.pretending to be the most stupid one among all ND what I got is an ignorance by fuckin stupid ones again a blurring picture of my future started blinking over to the shades of my eyebrows. I got scared trying to make myself busy over that complicated relationship with my books. That ain’t worked πŸ™

A day while I was travelling to my home I saw a man suffering from starvation nd sleeping over the side of road. It was 2 at night.cold was on its max. But still dat guy is hoping for his better sleep

It’s not we only who have problems in their life a lot ones are also having problems in their life ND they just can’t let it be. What they do is just make a trial again and again.

Someone have well said always keep moving on dwell yourself by the happiness of being a failure.

M a stupid one ND would like to be such until I will be a deserving one.

So one only get what he work for not what he wish for 😊😊😊

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