Parents a pure form of love 😊😊

We all use to love ND show our love to others only but in a race of getting anyone else’s love what we use to forget always is the love, care that we get from our parents..

Someone say parents are a form of God. I say they are even better than that.God is that faith that No-one have ever seen but parents are those whom we see daily.

We use to ignore their love their care in our fuckin activities.

During childhood they seems us bad because they keep on scolding fr studies 😊.

During adolescence they are bad because they try to keep us away from bad things. Short term of happiness that we use to get with our friends sometimes seems to be a good one but not always its good dude..what those irritating words of a mother prohibiting you to avoid those worthless company that always distracts you from your track seems a good one when you won’t find anyone speaking for you..

Whatever I am ND I will be is because of my mother nd my father only.

They are the one who were always been supportive in their roles behind the screen. They dont want anything in return. What they want is just our good future 😊

Isn’t it like we all use to forget our parents when we get someone other to love.

Isn’t it like we just put a shit over to all efforts they have made throughout their life in just a blink.

Love uh MA papa a blog for you without any quote without any promises just you guys are best one to be shared with anyone.

We as children can’t show uh our love for you it’s just we always keep on trying to be good for you guys only but we can’t that doesn’t mean that we don’t love you it’s just we don’t have a way to express it once..Its just your love and care that always makes us an innocent one while being with you. No freakin facts, no rubbish talk, no tension, only a relaxation that we always feel at home.

Home is not home without you guys seriously whatsoever effort anyone can make whatsoever he could be in his life, he can’t be like his parent..

All I wanted to be like uh papa 😊

A smiling face with so much positivity always having faith over his child and a tolerance over to whatever we have done wrong in our life.

We always choose a role model I have chosen my dad as my role model I know I can’t be like him ever but will keep on truing to be like him.

Love your parents more than your dream and one day your dream will start loving you 😊😊😊🙏🙏

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