Terrorism across world as a whole is now a day decreasing but mediterranean countries don’t have to celebrate for that.

New challenges are reshaping the international order requiring government leaders to consider new strategies that integrate diplomatic, economic, law enforcement and military instruments of power.

Europe’s greatest challenge emanating from the mediterranean is migration.Diplomatic responses focusing on root causes may be crucial to achieving a long term solution.The applications of law enforcement, military and intelligence capabilities has at times appeared to be too little too late.

The provision of addition capabilities in a timely manner could buy time for diplomatic solutions to take hold.

What everyone is focusing is always on trending level what about the challenges that each and every people would have faced. A thought of violence should be lowered.Rather than firing bullets go for words.

A pen is always much more stronger than a gun.

Global security is not the matter of great concern but increasing terrorism is a matter to be taken into consideration..

Maritime security demands coordination among a diverse range of stake holders on issues ranging from counter piracy to transnational crime to port security.just have a look over what data says and think for a while terrorism is nothing but a logical choices that arises when the power ratio between government to challenger is high.but is it a right path to follow…?? think a bit please..

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